Canon EOS-M Updates Coming Soon . . . New Lenses and Mirrorless Body in the Works?

Canon EOS-M

The latest rumors on the Canon mirrorless front point to a trio of new lenses coming for the compact shooter with the big sensor. Those 3 new lenses include:

  1. 55-300mm style zoom lens
  2. fast prime lens
  3. super zoom lens

Additionally, a new mirrorless body is expected to be announced alongside the super zoom EF-M lens, which should come later than the first pair of lenses (before April). Rumors point to a EOS-M body that will feature a viewfinder, so this could be a more prosumer/pro entry into Canon’s mirrorless lineup.

One thing is for sure though, Canon had better step up the autofocus speeds on the next EOS-M body or they may be moving off the shelves slower than the camera focuses. I’ll have a review of the current EOS-M soon, but for now you should know that the autofocus is the achilles heel on what could otherwise be a solid camera.

[via CR]