Canon G1X Successor Due at CES 2013?

Canon G1X

A recent patent from Canon reveals plans for an 18-70mm f/2.8-5.8 zoom lens, which would be a practical fit for an APS-C follow-up to the Canon G1X and its 1.85x-cropped sensor, which measured 15-60mm at f/2.8-5.8.

A couple of problems with the G1X, which I noted in my initial G1X Hands-on at CES 2012, that I could see looming for a camera with this potential lens are the slow aperture at the long end and the rather long minimum focus distance. And right now, the patent’s measurements sure don’t inspire confidence on the slow aperture issues.

Nonetheless, we could see a new iteration of a fixed lens, APS-C camera from Canon around the corner…

Stay tuned for all of my reports from CES 2013 just over a week from now.

[via CR]



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