Think Tank Photo CityWalker 20 Review


Think Tank Photo City Walker 20

The new CityWalker bag comes 3 versions and 2 color choices (blue or black), to allow you to choose a bag that fits your needs.  At the bottom end, you have the CityWalker 10 which will fit a standard sized camera body with a 24-70 mm lens attached, an additional small lens, a flash, and a tablet.

The mid-range bag is the CityWalker 20, which will fit a standard sized camera body with a 24-70 mm lens attached, 1-3 additional lenses, a flash, and a tablet. And the high-end bag is the CityWalker 30, which will fit a standard sized camera body with a 24-70 mm lens attached, 2-4 additional lenses, a flash, and a 15″ laptop.

I have been a fan of Think Tank Photo’s bags for a few years now. I’ve had an Urban Disguise 60 V2.0 shoulder bag for awhile and love it. Though I have a tendency to over pack it and it can be quite heavy.  I was thrilled with the opportunity to test out the new CityWalker 20 bag because it would force me to be a little more selective in what I carry.

The CityWalker 20 is a great lightweight bag for walking around with your essential camera equipment. The bag is very comfortable to carry on your shoulder or across your body. The space inside is deceptive and you can pack a lot of equipment in it. I gave this bag a week of daily use and have to say that I love it.

My equipment list:

  • Canon 7D with battery grip and 60 mm f2.8 with hood attached.
  • 70-200 f4.0 IS with hood reversed
  • Yongnu Speedlite YN560
  • Cactus v5 Flash radio transceivers (x2)
  • Think Tank Rain cover for City Walker
  • iPad & cable
  • 12 pack AA Storacell battery holder
  • 6 pack AAA Storacell battery holder
  • Sekonic L-358 Light Meter
  • Remote Camera Release

My equipment not shown.

From the “Sound Silencer” for the velcro straps to the removable padded insert, Think Tank really thinks of everything when putting these bags together. The shoulder strap is cushioned and has a nonslip surface. The exterior is coated for water resistance and rain cover fitted for this bag is included.



Think Tank Photo knows how to create amazing bags. I find myself grabbing this bag more and more when I go out shooting. If you are looking for a lightweight comfortable bag, you can’t go wrong with the CityWalker.

All images credit: Think Tank Photo

Disclaimer – I received the City Walker 20 bag as part of Think Tank providing this bag to SMUG (SmugMug User Groups) – – to help get the word out about their new bag.