Nikon D600 w/ 24-85mm Lens at $700 Off – Killer Deal Alert

Nikon D600

This is a ridiculous deal on the Nikon D600. For a limited time, you can get the Nikon D600 w/ 24-85mm f/3.5-4.5G ED VR lens for only $1996.95. That’s $700 off the standard price of $2696.95.

Additionally, the kit includes a Lowepro camera bag, SanDisk 32GB Extreme SDHC card, a spare battery and a monopod. Check it out while it lasts here at B&H Photo.

[UPDATE: This deal ends at midnight ET on Dec. 15, 2012.]



    • sk says

      HA! You know Canon doesn’t give anything away for free. The charge for the oil is added to the cost of your next service/calibration….

      • sk says

        Sorry Frank :( , I meant to say: HA, you know NIKON never gives anything away for free! Although I have heard thta Oil free sensors are going to be an upgrade option in the next generation.

  1. Grant says

    It’s a great price with a the lens. But how much would the body cost?
    Must say Nikon’s marketing is very Good ! compared to Canon or Fuji and Sony.
    The D600 is the best camera for it’s money ! Much better improvement than the upgrade from D70 to D300. The difference and improvement from D300 to D600 is immense !
    Looking forward to see the D800 drop it’s price soon, much closer to the D600, then a new generation of Mirrorless Nikon with full Frame must come out against the Sony RX1 and Fuji Pro. Nikon M !!!

  2. says

    I hope they got rid of the issues with dust but I doubt it.
    This camera is amazing though for dynamic range however reviews have shown some issues with handling, especially for video, that are of concern in a $2000 camera:

    It even blows away the Canon 5d mark iii in dynamic range, though the Canon wins just about everywhere else.

  3. says

    Yes, it`s a great price !!!

    … So maybe Nikon is feeling something “GREEN” and a “little DUST” in the sales…

    Until now there`s no solution to that greenish LCD and the dust is still in the sensors of the D600…

  4. Kais says

    Hello everyone.
    Can you please elaborate on the matter of “greenish LCD & dust”, is this a reported problem with the D600?

    I will also appreciate mor information on the sensor oil. I have never heard of that as I have a D90 and no one mentioned Oil.

    What is the alternative to the D600 as I am upgrading soon. I am an Eye Surgeon and take close up shots. I also need a fast camera to capture children’s eyes while moving their heads. An autofocus video ability is an added advantage as I occasionally record abnormal eye movements.

    Thank you