Apple Final Cut Pro X Ver. 10.0.7, Motion & Compressor Updated

Final Cut Pro X

Apple has issued an update for Final Cut Pro X, Motion and Compressor. Final Cut Pro X 10.0.7 provides the following bug fixes:

  • The Letterbox effect “Offset” slider is restored.
  • Fixes an issue that could occur when creating a single layer DVD.
  • Fixes an issue in which some third-party effects could cause Final Cut Pro to stop responding during background rendering.
  • Fixes an issue in which some third-party transitions would incorrectly use black instead of source media.
  • Adds support for editing MXF files that are still ingesting.
  • Fixes an issue with rendering Motion Templates containing Image Units.
  • Fixes an issue with the display of the Modify RED RAW settings button in synchronized and compound clips.
  • Fixes an issue with the upload of clips that are larger than 1 GB to Vimeo.
  • Fixes an issue in which an incorrect frame size is used with filters on two adjacent clips with different pixel aspect ratio.

Motion 5.0.6 provides the following specific fixes:

  • Fixes an issue where IMage Units were removed when a project was saved
  • Fixes issues when working with multiple documents on dual displays

Compressor 4.0.6 delivers one specific fix for an issue with the upload of clips greater than 1GB to Vimeo.

Updates are available through the Mac App Store.