New Canon EOS-M Model w/ Viewfinder Coming in 2013?

This could be as much of an educated guess as a rumor. Nevertheless, recent rumors point to a new Canon EOS-M model that sports an electronic viewfinder to be unveiled in late 2013.

One of the most lamented non-features of the Canon EOS-M has been the absence of a viewfinder. Enthusiasts were lambasting Canon before the EOS-M ever hit store shelves over the lack of an EVF. While Canon never confirms what’s coming down the line for its camera systems, executives have emphasized that the EOS-M was its first foray into the mirrorless market and that there will me more cameras built for different users.

Additional rumors point to the styling of the camera as similar to the current EOS-M model and that it won’t be taking a retro design like some of the other mirrorless models out there (e.g., Olympus, Fuji, etc.).

[CW via CR]



  1. John Hine says

    I am waiting for a Canon M with viewfinder but hope the viewfinder is not in the position shown in the picture here. It needs to be on the top left corner so that my nose is not pressing on the screen!

  2. Scott says

    If it looks like the example above, they won’t be able to use the original body castings anyway, so I’m with Mr Hine.

    Instead of sticking the viewfinder in a bump on the top, like a wart, they can raise the whole top deck by half an inch, and put the viewfinder in the top left corner. That puts the viewfinder where it should be and doesn’t increase the overall dimension at all. It DOES give them a little more real estate for buttons and grips.

    It doesn’t need to be “retro” at all: it can look like it’s carved out of black soap like most modern cameras, and have a useful grip. The top-left viewfinder position is a concept that was proved by literally hundreds of camera designs in the 1930s through the 1960s. The only reason to put it in the middle is if there’s a reflex mirror that forces it to be there.

    The EOS-M could be a really great camera that I would buy in a second. As it is, it’s an overpriced point and shoot that is not on my wish-list at all.