1. Scott says

    Nice. I’ll be really interested if it’s as good as the 45mm and other recent primes; that is, better than the f2.8.

    The bad news is that it appears to be available only in silver, so:

    A. It won’t look so nice on my black cameras.
    B. It leaves the door open for a $900 “Special” one in black.

    I really like Olympus products, but the company acts as though it really doesn’t
    care about customers. They’re all about overpriced, not-included lens hoods and other accessories, and $300 for a coat of black paint.

  2. Dr. Bob Solomon says

    Except for the color problem Scott mentions — I have 2 white bodies and love black-on-white, everything else echoes disappointments I have, too. Canon’s plasticky but sharp “normal” lens sells for 1/3 of the announced Oly price, the 15mm Oly lens-cap lens is an insult at any price, the first 17mm was a CA champ at its $400 price level, and Oly seems immune to market pressures. Sounds like the scenario we find in RIM, Sony, and Suzuki. Non-competitive material offered at higher prices. Huh? Just check the resale prices of used Oly MFT bodies and kit zooms to see what the aftermarket thinks. Then imagine how the new-buyers feel 2 years after paying too much and finding they have too little residual value..