Custom SLR’s ProDot is a Cushion for Your Shutter Release

Custom SLR ProDot

Custom SLR is aiming to improve the “feel” of your shutter release with its latest invention – the ProDot.

The ProDot is a textured, press-on dot that adheres to the shutter button in order to provide finite control and finger-padding.  The ProDot was initially crafted to provide photographers a seamless shutter-release free of residual tremors; however, the Custom SLR folks envision a market for all routine button pushers (e.g., mouse buttons).

ProDot Colors

Do you feel the need to add a little more cushion to your shutter release?  Would you pay $5 for one of these?  What about $15 for a pack of 3?

Custom SLR has a new Kickstarter project for the ProDot. It started a couple of days ago and is already nearing the halfway mark of its funding goal.



  1. Eugene says

    Looks like you get all three colors Red, Black, Clear shipped in the US. I look forward to testing it out. So far the reviews on CNET and PopPhoto are promising.

  2. Nigel Cheffers-Heard says

    Let me get this right; I buy a button to stick on my button? Wow, I really need one of those!

  3. George says

    I had the privilege of seeing this product in person in October at the Toronto Expose Show presented by Henry’s Camera Store in October. The lovely lady was excited that I was aware of the newly released “M-Plate Mini” that Custom SLR just released at the time that she shown me the prototype. At that time it was un-named and had no firm price tag.
    Like many people I thought it was an odd invention; however, after with the hands on experience, It notice it decreased the delay time between my decision to press the shutter release button and the time my finger actually push the shutter release button down all the way to take the photo while my finger was already rested on the ProDott. I also found noticeable decrease in vibration when I was taking photos with this product. Even though it was a small amount of improvement, I think any improvement to decrease vibration when taking photos is a welcome one either when I shot motorsports, a flying eagle or when the bride is walking down the aisle towards me.
    I would say the price does not fully justify the quantity yet. For a pro or semi-pro photographers would usually be carrying two camera bodies and with grips, therefore; I think the package should come with at least four dots or five dots would be even better to put one on my phone or mouse (so other people will see them and ask questions which means free advertising through the word of mouth for the manufacture).
    I like the product; however, without trying it in person, it is hard to describe the feeling how well it helps to take photos quicker and with less vibration. Best way to I can describe would be… using a 5D Mark III after using a 7D. 7D is a great camera but 5D Mark III just make the photographing experience even better and this product will not cost you $4000.00 more!
    (Woops, I guess my quick thought on this product has just turning into a mini review now!)