camHoodie is Lens Hood for the iPhone and iPad mini to Reduce Lens Flare and Purple Haze

camHoodie case

Earlier this week, I shared a new app from Perfectly Clear that uses a De-Purple filter to effectively desaturate the purple flare and haze encountered on the iPhone 5.  Fotodiox has a hardware solution, the camHoodie, which is a lens hood for the iPhone 5, 4S and 4, as well as the iPad mini to cut down on lens flare before it ever enters your images.

The camHoodie serves double duty as an iPhone/iPad mini case so that you always have your lens hood with you.  It looks to be very low profile around the lens with a small rubber ring that goes around the circumference of the lens itself, thus shielding light from the edges to create the lens hood functionality.

iPad mini case

Check out a couple of sample photos from Fotodiox below.

The Fotodiox camHoodie is a very reasonable $15 for the iPhone models, but it’s a little more for the iPad mini model at $30.  You can check them all out here on Fotodiox’s website.