New Canon EF 50mm f/1.4 IS Lens Coming Soon?

The Canon EF 50mm f/1.4 USM has been around for a long time; however, new rumors point to a possible replacement with Image Stabilization coming in the near future.  A rumored price point of $799 has been suggested (compare to $339 for the current version with rebates).

Additionally, pricing of $849 for the rumored Canon EF 24-70mm f/4L IS lens has been thrown out as well.

Which lens do you want to see more?

[via Canon Rumors]



  1. says

    What’s up with Canon taking all of their sub-$500 lenses, adding Image Stabilization and bumping the price up 300%? They did it with the 24 and 28 and now the 50?

    I’m just about done with Canon. They’ve been making that 50/1.4 for $350 for 20 years and now they suddenly have to bump the price up to $800!? I guess they have to appease the video crowd, but they’re abandoning their still-shooters in the process. Nobody needs IS in a 50/1.4 except for video shooters looking to stabilize their video.

    Ridiculous. Even more ridiculous is the silly notion of a 24-70 f/4 when you have the 24-105 f/4 already on the table.

    • Stephen Cupp says

      If nobody needs IS in a 50 then the lens won’t sell well and Canon will get a clue that it is not acceptable to raise prices like that.

  2. Dan says

    I’ve been dying for a 50mm f/1.4 replacement for a long time. I can’t stand the focusing of the 50mm right now. The 85mm f/1.8 is so much better. But if Canon really does add IS and just about triple the price, I sure won’t be in the market. Canon keeps shooting themselves in the foot with these $800 non L prime lenses. I can’t imagine that these are selling well.

  3. Scott says

    90% of Canon’s dslr sales are APS-C, yet their lens designers continue to act as though full frame is still the center of the world.
    How about these:
    A high-end 35mm f 1.4 (normal for APSC) that is not the size of a trash barrel.
    A 35mm f2 that wasn’t designed in 1970.
    A 23mm f2.8 (35mm equiv) or f2 that does not cost $800. Image Stabilization is frosting at this focal length…. Do you really do street or candids of people at 1/8 second?
    A 58mm f1.4 (85mm equiv)
    A high quality 70mm f2.8 (105 equiv)
    50mm is neither here not there on APSC; a little long for general purpose, really too short for portraits.
    Not interested.
    The 24-70L would be more useful for APSC if it was (say) 16-70.
    Neither of these new lenses is worth $800 to me.

  4. Scott says

    Reply to my own post:
    Canon has apparently announced a new 35mm f2.
    Canon giveth and they take-eth away. On the one hand, it’s a new design (maybe)
    and it’s smaller than a trash can.
    On the other hand, it has IS, so you can take pictures of your children at 1/4 second
    (that’s silly), the lens hood is extra, and it’s

    I think Canon has misjudged the market with this and the other new
    non-L primes: 24 and 28 mm f2.8 non-L primes for $800.
    They don’t promise anything amazing in terms of optics, they’re not particularly
    fast and most importantly, they’re way too expensive for what they are,