RED Cameras Get Massive Price Drops . . . as Cheap as $4,000

RED has dropped prices on its EPIC, Scarlet and ONE cameras in what seems to be a response to increasing competition in the video markets – although RED tips the reason as lower production costs and improve efficiency.

Here’s how the new pricing breaks down:

  • 5K EPIC-X Brain- $19,000
  • 5K EPIC-X Monochrome Brain- $20,000
  • 5K EPIC-M Brain- $24,000
  • 5K/4K Scarlet Brain- $7,950
  • 4.5K RED ONE M-X Battle Tested- $4000 (includes SSD recording module). The RED ONE is End of Life. Battle tested is all that will be available from here on out.

That’s about a $15k price drop on the EPIC models, a $2k price drop on the Scarlet and a $21k drop on the ONE (although used models are all that’s left).

You can check out the pricing on all the new gear here on RED’s website.