Canon 1D X DxO Test Grades Are In – It’s the Best Canon Yet.

Canon 1D X Comparison

Canon 1D X Comparison via DxO Labs

The Canon 1D X just got its DxO Mark scores published and it scored better than any Canon full frame sensor to date.  That said, it still failed to best the Nikon D4, let alone the Nikon D800.

Canon 1D X vs Nikon D800

Canon 1D X vs. Nikon D800

However, stepping away from the numbers, the Canon 1D X is a heckuva camera that can certainly hold its own in just about any shooting environment.

What do you think about the DxO score and comparisons for the Canon 1D X?  Would these test results sway your opinion of the camera?

[via DxO Labs]



  1. alvix says

    I own a D200 that has a DR of 11.5 (as per DXO..) ..but my pics are not “so good” in difficult light situations where the 1DX instead does a beautiful job…mmh..I really never understood this DXO’ stuff..

  2. Dragunr1 says

    A camera’s quality can be judged by it’s sensor quality, but not by this alone. All (or most) of the features that make a camera should be taken into consideration.
    Besides, I doubt that there are really that many photographers ready to change systems everytime another producer is offering a better camera.
    As a third idea, I’ve recently listened to an old podcast- a photographer was remembering that he considered the 20d? 30d? way better than the d80, considering the sensor’s qualities (but not only). Some years have past since Nikon started constantly obtaining better dxo grades, but I’d say it’s too soon to declare Canon as looser.

  3. says

    Most sports shooters I know on the nikon camp liek the d3s more then the nikon d4 better sf and no beetter low light and all canon guys love the 1dx and some nikon guys are wondering about switch in to canon now. Most simply do not like the d4 much

  4. says

    We find the D4 an absolute joy! Having said that the D3s still gets pleanty of use from us…if your a Canon shooter your likely to love it…but for us we find that the higher the high ISO’s, the better the Nikon files and image…I know of no one currently considering a switch to Canon based on the 1dx..but thenmost of us, me included are gearheads and as such dont need a lot of reasons to take a plunge to switch……..