Joby GripTight Smartphone Mount

Joby GripTight

Joby GripTight on Gorillapod

Joby’s new GripTight is a simple, quick and clever mount for smartphones.  It’s also one that doesn’t require a clunky case in order to get your phone a tripod.

Joby GripTight and Micro Stand collapsed

The GripTight folds down to a pocketable size and is sold with either the basic Gorillapod or a the Micro Stand (at $29.95 each) – or you can purchase the GripTight as a standalone unit for $19.95.

Joby GripTight

Joby GripTight on Micro Stand

I’ve been using the GripTight some this week and absolutely love it.  The simplicity of the GripTight is ingenious.  The great thing about the GripTight is that it works with just about any phone, including the rather large Samsung Galaxy models.  It’s also perfect for any of the iPhone models, including the new iPhone 5.

Joby GripTight

Joby GripTight w/ Gorillapod and Micro Stand

And, if you want to get a little more serious with your mounting options over the Joby Micro Stand or small Gorillapod, you can mount the GripTight on any tripod head or other mounting solution thanks to the 1/4-20 mounting hole on the bottom of the GripTight.

The spring-tensioned grip arm secures the phone very well and works just as you would expect it.  For the money, it’s going to be hard for anyone to cook up a better solution.

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Joby GripTight

Joby GripTight w/ Micro Stand

Joby Griptight w/ Gorillapod

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