1. Bengt Nyman says

    Does this mean that the Nikon D800(E) Left Focusing problem has been solved and that D800 bodies returned to Nikon for focusing problems have been fixed, refurbished and put back on the market ?
    Does anybody know the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth about the Nikon D800(E) Left Focusing problem ?

    • says

      The D800 must be sent back to Nikon if it has this issue. Not all had the issue and it is not a complicated fix, but they must be readjusted by Nikon. I’m guessing the issue would have been fixed on the refurbished model. Unfortunately has stated that they have had more issues with this body and the Nikon D600 than any other body and almost all have been sent in for repair. And now the D600 has issues as well with hot pixels and dust/oil getting on the sensor which many D800’s had as well. I reviewed the D600 which is a great camera but I had 2 hot pixels and dust on the sensor without ever removing the lens.

      • Bengt Nyman says

        Unfortunately there are other reports on the web suggesting that the D800 focusing problem is not fixed and in many cases not fixable. I hear people giving up on their D800 for everything except tripod in studio and landscape, using live view focus whenever possible and only center point focus AF if you have to use the autofocus.
        Well, that’s pretty much how you use a MF camera. Maybe we have come to expect too much from Nikon and especially from the D800.

        • Roberto says

          My D800 doesn’t have any problem. No focusing problem in any point os focus, no dust problems ( remember that this is a 36Mpx camera, with a extreme sensible sensor that capture all the detais, for this reason is more suceptible to find “dust” in the sensor).
          My camera leaves nothing to be desired. I already has a D100/ D200/ D700 and now D800, the best one! D800+24-70mm 2.8 = Great Quality Images!!!

          • Bengt Nyman says

            Excellent ! Thank You.
            It sounds like Nikon has taken care of any childhood problems that the D800(E) might have had. Thanks for the info. I might just pick one up, finally.

  2. Ed says

    I took delivery of my D800E last week, an upgrade from my D200. I have about 400 shots on it so far, both with the all-purpose Nikon 28-300mm zoom I bought with the camera and with my old but trusty Nikon 105mm AF macro. I spent an hour or so with the macro and a flash out photographing bees on our rosemary bushes, and the focusing performance was superb. As was the detail captured by the sensor!! An amazing change up from the D200. Focusing performance with the zoom has been equally good.

    I’m not sure what the ‘left focusing’ problem refers to, but the focusing performance of my particular camera leaves nothing to be desired. Of course, this is a sample size of one!

  3. richard says

    the focusing problems AND that “GREEN” screen is a complete “TURN-OFF for me….I would not buy it for even $1500

  4. Jim Van Hoy says

    Friends that have purchased the D800 have had the left focusing problem fixed by Nikon. They created a test to discover the problem and retested on the unit’s return. My friends are also saying that it is difficult to see the left focus issue, which is why they created a test to check their cameras. Other than that, every single person that I have met in the field with a D800, absolutely loves their camera. The tonal range capture alone makes it possible to not bracket much at all!

  5. Bengt Nyman says

    Since the Nikon D800(E) is a relatively new model the announcement about (a large quantity) refurbished bodies might indicate that Nikon has solved the (left) focus problem and are putting returned and repaired D800 bodies back on the market. If this is the case it should finally be safe to buy the D800(E), new or refurbished. That would be great. A Nikon confirmation, or Nikon instigated true rumor, would make it even better.

  6. says

    I have been using the Nikon D800 mainly to photograph birds which need critical focusing. I use a Nikon 200-400 2.8 VR Zoom lens , often with a 1.5 tele-converter. No focusing issues noticed. I really don’t know what all the fuss is about. Also green screen ??? I haven’t had a that issue either. The Nikon D800 is an excellent upgrade for me – The auto focusing doesn’t seem to be as fast as my D300S and I miss the high shutter frame but the pros out-way the cons. I can use high iso with no noise and have detail that is nothing less than spectacular .

    A lot of people poo poo this camera without even trying it !!

    • Roberto says

      I agree totally with Mr. John Williams. I’m using D800 since october in Product Shots for advertising and the images produced are Superb ( like any other medium format camera ).
      I had no problems of focus – I think this is a rumor , not the truth today .
      Of course with a 36Mpx camera you have to buy prime lenses and any mistake appears easier that a 12Mpx camera, that’s why you have to take care when take pictures. Also consider buying more ram memory for these big files. If you see any green color shift that bothers you, it’s very easy to fix: MENU > SHOOTING > White Balance > AUTO > right click to AUTO Normal > right click to the rainbow chart > click one down to M1 > OK
      and the green goes away – ( Ken Rockwell tip).
      Don’t hesitate: If you want big files, big quality at a reasonable price, buy the D800 and be happy!!!