Canon 5D Mark III and 5D Mark II Get Price Drops

Canon 5D Mark III

B&H has dropped the prices on the Canon 5D Mark III and Mark II models.

The 5D Mark III is priced at $3199 now (down from $3459).

The 5D mark II is priced at $1699 now (down from $1799).

It looks like Amazon and Adorama are also showing the same prices on the 5D Mark III, which means this comes from Canon and makes me wonder if Canon is feeling the pressure from Nikon and not moving as many of the higher-priced 5D Mark IIIs in comparison to Nikon’s D800 (which is still cheaper, BTW).

At $1699, the 5D Mark II is the cheapest full frame camera by a long shot over the new, “affordable” Canon 6D and Nikon D600. ¬†And, despite its age, is still a very solid camera.