New Nikon 1 Series 11-27.5mm Lens Now Available

New Nikon 1 Series 11-27.5mm Lens

The recently-announced Nikon 1 Series 11-27.5mm lens is available and now shipping for $189.95.

The telephoto zoom lens offers an equivalent focal range of 30-74mm equivalent, and is smaller and lighter than the 10-30mm kit lens that ships with Nikon 1 cameras.

Check it out in white or black here at B&H Photo.



  1. Scott says

    A fast 50mm equiv. would have added to the system. Or a fast 35mm equiv. Or a fast portrait lens.
    Why are they wasting energy duplicating something they already have???
    How is this better than the 10-30mm?

  2. Ashley Groome says

    Big Nikon fan – have been for 40 years – but nope, just not interested in kiddie-kamera stuff. Not interested at all.