Vanguard BBH-200 Ball Head Review

Vanguard BBH-200 ball head for tripods

The Vanguard BBH-200 is an easy to use ball head for any tripod. The open body design hides it’s deceptive strength. With a max load of 44 lbs (20 kg), this head will support pretty much any configuration you need.  I put the BBH-200 through it’s paces with a Canon 7D with a battery grip and a 70-200mm f4 IS.

I’m normally not a tripod shooter, so to force my self into a static position was a unique challenge for me.  That being said, the BBH-200 gave me an amazing range of motion.  I very quickly got used to be tied to a static location. As a side effect, it did allow me to be more interactive with my subjects.

The Rapid Level System makes it easy to get the camera perfectly level with the base. And the 2 bubble levels made it very easy and quick to fine tune the level of my camera.  The magnesium ball head has a scratch-free, oxidized surface that in all my use never caught or restricted motion.

The 2 adjustment knobs were intuitive to use and were conveniently placed. One for panning and one for the ball. The main adjustment knob controlled the tension and the locking of the ball. You can go from landscape orientation to portrait orientation very quickly.

The BBH-200 has a universal-standard clamp for an Arca type quick release plate with a quick shoe stopper. The quick shoe stopper prevents your camera from falling, but doesn’t interfere with releasing the plate.

I would highly recommend the Vanguard BBH series to any photographer that wants a stable and easy to use ball head. It has a great feel and look to it. I had no complaints while using the BBH-200 on any photography sessions.

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