Sony Sound Forge Pro Finally Comes to Mac

Sound Forge Pro Mac

As Mac pro video users are scratching their heads on where to move for audio editing solutions after the demise of Soundtrack Pro, Sony has finally made Sound Forge Pro available on the Mac.

Sony redesigned the interface specifically for OS X and offers the ability to use legacy Sound Forge event-based editing as well.  It offers 64-bit/192kHz maximum quality and up to 32 channels simultaneous recording.

Sound Forge Pro Mac 1.0 starts at $269 and has a free trial available on Sony’s website.



  1. Kripalu says

    It’s garbage.

    Compared to the Windows version this Mac version is missing batch conversion, CD mastering or burning, a spectral editor, surround (AC-3) output or video support, or plugins like wave hammer and acoustic mirror.

    People who need a mastering environment and the ability to export and burn a CD should NOT look at this $300 disaster of an app.