Canon 1D C and 1D X are Same Camera, Except for Firmware

Canon 1D X and 1D C

What do the $13k Canon 1D C and the $6800 Canon 1D X have in common?

As it turns out, everything…

Both cameras sport the same full frame 18.1MP CMOS sensor, same Dual DIGIC 5+ processors, same 3.2″ LCD and everything else inside and out.

The only physical difference between the two cameras is the badge on the front and a trade-off between a flash sync port (1D X) and a headphone jack (1D C).

Canon 1D X and 1D C Port Comparison

Canon 1D X and 1D C Port Comparison

The video capture capabilities of the cameras as you find them on the shelf of retailers, however, are massively different.  While both cameras capture video, the 1D C captures full 4K video using an 8-bit 4:2:2 high bit rate Motion JPEG compression scheme in addition to 1080p HD video at up to 60fps.

The Canon 1D X is crippled through Canon’s firmware to only have the ability to capture 1080p HD video at a max of 30fps (although you can capture 60fps if you bump the resolution down to 720p), which Canon caps at 29:59 minutes due to European tax restrictions.

Accordingly, that $13k price tag on the 1D C is for a few lines of code in the camera’s firmware that enable you to capture 4K resolution . . . and, of course, the headphone jack.

Is Canon being a little greedy on the 1D C pricing, or are there justifiable reasons for pricing the 4K camera nearly double the price of its 1080p-shooting twin?

[via EOS HD]



  1. says

    I have been wondering about canon’s pricing lately. The 24-70mm f2.8 L ok I am not seeing that much difference to warrant the huge price difference. They have a large part of the market share and it seems like they are trying to price out the everyday joe. Granted none of my pics will make a cover of a magazine but by golly when I take a pic of my mom on her 70th birthday I want the best equipment my money can buy. Lately it seems like it may be a Nikon or a Sony.

  2. Me says

    Holy moly, I hope there’s more to this then just a few lines of code :/
    Wouldn’t surprise me if Magic lantern somehow managed to put some code into the current 1DX and magically make it a 1DC.
    I’m not a fan of MJPEG, looked pretty bad on my old D90, hopefully the overall quality is improved for a 4K video?

  3. Jay says

    They aren’t the same camera, EOSHD has a history of posting utter nonsense.

    Canon said as much at launch, various circuits are different and there are differences to get heat out of the camera. EOSHD wrote a story based on someone at the Canon booth. If you have been to industry shows before, you’ll probably agree that there are people at the booths that really don’t have any idea what they’re talking about. Photokina also ads a level of difficulty due to some language barriers. Multiple nationalities will represent Canon, and english won’t be their first language.

    This is another example of crappy bloggers like EOSHD posting things as fact when they actually don’t have any proof of said “fact”.

  4. says

    I’m a loyal Canon user, but I do think that they are getting more than a little greedy. I bought the 5D MKIII and held my nose at the price, but it seems that elevated prices are now the “new normal” for them (there’s no way I’m going to spring for the 24-70 II WITHOUT IS for instance). I think that in the end, they are going to pay the price for that greediness when more innovative companies like Sony, Black Magic etc do more for much less money.

  5. says

    Folks can’t complain about the price increases w/o factoring in the weakening of the dollar vs the yen. In most if not all cases, the price of the updated gear in yen is the same or cheaper. Just be thankful we don’t live in Europe.

    As for the price differential between the 1Dx and the 1Dc, if it really is the same hardware then that seems excessive—though hardly unprecedented. Gear marketed to the motion picture industry is always massively more expensive than similar gear intended for photography.

  6. Bengt Nyman says

    The volume of the 1D X body subsidizes the production of the 1D C. The 1D C pricing takes advantage of the low volume, high priced pro video market.
    Canon has found an inexpensive way to produce a video camera capable of challenging more expensive professional equipment.
    This is temporary.
    The poor video ergonomics of the 1D C compared to other pro video cameras, including Canons own, still makes this a marginal video camera.

  7. leo says

    I also am a lifetime Canon user and fan. Just like many comments here I am surprised about the high prices Canon ask lately. And Canon does not really makes the best products at the same time. No reason for me to make a step to another company, I am happy with my 5D mark II and several mark I lenses.
    Canon does not surprise me any more, they does not make camera’s to dream about any more. The Canon DSLR’s are good, but not the best. The EOS M is boring, nothing tempting about it. The best really small compacts like the S90/100 are an old concept, Sony has put them aside with the RX100.
    Come on Canon, where are the times you made the Canonet or the original 5D! Tempt me again!

    In this case things are different.
    The 1D C is a camera that does not interest me, I never use video, but make photo’s. The price for such a specialist video camera I can understand, low volume, high price indeed.

  8. Marc 453 says

    I agree that the price is high, however I have the option of not buying that peice of equipment. If I do need to buy it for a job or jobs, I really wouldn’t care because the “job” or “jobs” will pay for it, and the cost will be minsicule to what I’m making on the “job.”