Benro Unveils New Video Tripods, Monopods and Fluid Heads

Benro Video Tripods

Benro has announced a number of new video tripods and fluid heads, as well as a pair of monopods equipped with fluid heads.

The new tripods are available in aluminum or carbon fiber.  The tripods and monopods are available as kits with the S-Series heads included, along with a padded travel case.  They come in three weight load capacities – 5.5lbs, 8lbs, and 13.2lbs.  The sliding center column includes a 60mm bowl for fine tuning camera position.

Benro Carbon Fiber Video Tripod Models

  • C1572FS2 (5.5lbs max support & 62.2″ max height)
  • C2573FS4 (8lbs max support & 67.9″ max height)
  • C2573FS6 (13.2lbs max support & 68.5″ max height)

Benro Aluminum Fiber Video Tripod Models

  • A1573FS2 (5.5lbs max support & 61.8″ max height)
  • A1573FS4 (8lbs max support & 69.7″ max height)
  • A1573FS6 (13.2lbs max support & 70.3″ max height)
Benro S Video Heads

Removable rubber feet can be interchanged with a set of included stainless-steel spikes to ensure footing on virtually any surface, and a retractable hook on the bottom of the center column provides a place to hang a camera bag or other weight to provide additional stability.

The new video tripods range in price from $200-$465.  The should be available soon at B&H Photo.

Benro Video Monopods

The new Benro video monopod kits support either 5.5lbs or 8.8lbs and feature a swivel foot for working some smooth camera movement (e.g., faux dolly moves, etc.).  The monopods also include the S-Series heads and a carry case.  The new monopod model numbers are the Benro A38FS2 and the A48FS4.  The new Benro video monopods range in price from $141-$280 and should also be available soon at B&H Photo.

Having used the Benro AD71FK5 video tripod and head quite a bit, these new models look enticing for portable or entry-level video setups.