Sony RX1 Sample Images

Sony RX1

Sony has posted a number of sample images for its new full frame RX1 camera, including a high ISO shot at ISO 6400 that looks pretty impressive.  Check them out below.

Sony RX1 Sample Image
F4 1/40 sec. ISO100

Sony RX1 Sample Image
F2.2 1/640 sec. ISO100

Sony RX1 Sample Image
F2 1/25 sec. ISO100

Sony RX1 Sample Image
F5.6 1/4 sec. ISO100

Sony RX1 Sample Image
F5.6 .8sec ISO1600

Sony RX1 Sample Image (G)
F5.6 ISO6400 1/30sec

You can view the full set here on Flickr.

So, what do you think about Sony’s new compact monster?



  1. Matthew says

    I find the image quality rather impressive. What I find the hardest to swallow is the hefty price tag. Three grand for a coat pocket camera is a stretch, especially in these economic times. I’m not sure how many pre-orders they’re reporting, but I’ll be the numbers are extremely low. I realize that this is made to compete with the likes of the Leica X2, Fuji X100, etc., but even those don’t come anywhere close to this price point. Carl Zeiss glass is good, but it’s not THAT good.

    You could get a Canon T4i + 28/1.8 lens for $1200. Sure, it’s not full-frame and it’s not quite as small, but I’m quite positive you’d not see any discernible difference in IQ and you’d have far more flexibility and a true viewfinder.

    This camera is a toy for rich people. I’m sure a few high end photographers out there will pick one up and we’ll see all the photo greats test it and give their reports, but you can get a lot more camera for a lot less money elsewhere.

    I’m disappointed in Sony’s price point on this one. WAY out of most leagues.

    • Richard says

      Matthew, I bet these images were photoshoped to make it look even better so they think it’s worth the price point. Heck I can get a nice FF Nikon D600 and a quality lens for this price.

  2. larry says

    i love that these images are thrown out there like they were snapshots,,, as if
    i defy someone to be cruising along and snap this kind of stuff,,., reminds me of when Kodak (rip) used to make 8 X 10 chrome shots in a studio and use them for sample images of their latest consumer films…. as if,.

  3. KT says

    For me, the Nikon D600 and its kit lens the Nikkor 24-85mm F3.5-4.5G ED VR, costing the exact same price is a far better value. Might not be as portable as the Sony, but once you get over the initial euphoria of “OMG, can’t believe how light and small it is” this camera will spend most of it’s life on the shelf in an air-conditioned room. You’ll be limited by the fixed focal length so you can’t do any meaningful work with it and it’s not as portable as you might think, but, at least in my opinion, the price will be the most decisive factor limiting its use. Very few people can afford a $2800 toy that you can throw in the glove compartment in case you needed a camera one day.

  4. Bengt Nyman says

    Sony is testing the waters for high IQ mirrorless. This is just the beginning. You will see more RXX with interchangeable lenses before long.
    Meanwhile, as a camera to take along in case of a surprise photo opportunity, when not on assignment, the Sony RX1 fits my bill. My pre-order for camera and EVF is in.

  5. Bengt Nyman says

    P.S. I wish I could also use it as my club scene camera, but I won’t. The reason is that the Carl Ziess Sonnar 2/35 is an Ok lens in general, but not at large apertures.

  6. jayboydog says

    RX1 price includes permanent 35mm f/2 lens.
    sony lenses are expensive. for NEX cameras APS-C sensor:
    SEL 35F18 35mm f/1.8 OSS Alpha E-mount Prime Lens $448
    SEL24F18Z 24mm f/1.8 E-Mount Carl Zeiss Sonnar Lens $1098
    would RX1 pricing be reasonable if equal to full frames Nikon D800 or Canon 6D ($2100 body only)

  7. Chris Wendt says

    If you have large hands/fingers as I do, this is not the camera for you. I took a few shots in a big NYC camera store and handed it right back to the salesperson.

  8. Hilmar Kiesekamp says

    I like the Sony full sensor camera and particularly it is the smallness of the camera that I like. I am a person that has small hands and would love a full sensor camera like that. I own a 7D at the present time and have to say that my images from the 7D are every bit as detailed as the Sony’s pictures.
    I think Sony has come up with a lot of photographic products that I think are on the cutting edge and are very good in what you can accomplish with them.

  9. Arne Dansk says

    Much too expensive to me but hopeful of eventual less expensive FULL FRAME CAMERAS of low weight ,small size, good functioning and exchangeable lenses.