Canon 7D Has Been Cracked, Magic Lantern Firmware Finally Running On It

Canon 7D Magic Lantern

The Canon 7D has been a tough nut to crack for the Magic Lantern firmware crew.  After 3 years in the process, they finally had a breakthrough and figured out how to run Magic Lantern as add-on software on the 7D.

Check out the video below for a demo of Magic Lantern running on the 7D.

The Magic Lantern team is currently working on the debug process to get the firmware in a state for release.  You can read more and donate to the cause here at Magic Lantern’s website.

[via Planet5D]



  1. Ian says

    I put magic lantern on my 50D and was delighted with all the things I could do. Then two weeks later while on a photo shoot it went crazy. I took a set of three HDR images and lantern would not stop shooting. I turned off, removed battery, removed cf card but soon as I replaced the continuous shooting resumed. At home I removed lantern from the cf card but my 50D will not recognize the card anymore. I had to buy a new cf card. Will not risk magic lantern again.