Canon PowerShot G15 Offers Bright Lens and Faster AF

Canon G15

The Canon PowerShot G15 picks up where the G12 left off and steps up the game for the serious compact camera line with a f/1.8-2.8 5x optical zoom lens (28-140mm equivalent) and faster AF and shot-to-shot times.

The G15 sports a conservative 12.1MP CMOS sensor and Canon DIGIC 5 image processor, while offering max ISO speeds up to 12,800 and 1080p HD video capture.  The G15 continues the serious feature set of a hot shoe for Canon Speedlites and an optical viewfinder, as well as a 3-inch 922k-dot res LCD.

The Canon G15 should be available in October for $499.99. Check availability here at B&H Photo.

Canon G15 Key Features

  • 12.1MP CMOS Sensor
  • 3.0″ LCD Monitor
  • 5x Optical Zoom 6.1-30.5mm Lens
  • 28-140mm 35mm Equivalent Focal Length
  • DIGIC 5 Image Processor
  • 1080p HD Video Capture
  • 12800 ISO
  • Intelligent IS Image Stabilization
  • 10fps Continuous Capture
  • RAW & JPEG Capture


  1. Matthew says

    I can’t even begin to express how thrilled I am that they got rid of that stupid articulating LCD on the 15. I was so disappointed that they gave up precious real estate on the rear LCD when they moved from the G10 to the 11 and 12. I remember seeing the G10 screen when I bought mine and I was blown away that a camera screen could be that big and bright. Then came the ho-hum screens on the G11 and G12 models and they just never compared. Also, Canon is FINALLY listening to us with this significantly faster lens.

    I’m a little sad to see some of the external dials go, but I’m a big fan of my S95 so I’m sure I could find my way around the S15 rather easily. I have to say this camera looks to be a great contender with the likes of the Fuji X10 and Panasonic Lumix LX lineup.

  2. larry says

    sorry but 12 mp is woefully small . the iPhone is overtaking the point and shoot and Canon should wake up and smell the coffee

    • Jeff Tingey says

      There are few, if any desktop printers that interpolate photo files to greater than 4mp. So anything over that is only useful for large prints or small crops. The photos from 50D and 60D DSLRs look crappy at full zoom to the 40D. My 14m0 Samsung photos look really shitty compared to my 16bit, 4mp G2 The iPhone shoot jpeg, which is 8bit at best. Just because a lot of folks use their iPhones for photos and online printers print more from them than any other model camera does not mean anything for serious photographers. You don’t see pro wedding photographers using an iPhone yet I have shot more than 50 wedding with a G2. All of those family members with the phone got snapshots, not framed photos.

  3. jeff says

    I can live with the missing ISO dial and articulated screen, just hope that the improvement of AF is really significant. I don’t mind about 12MP too as it will be more than enough for normal prints. Now, the only thing left uncertain is the IQ…

  4. Autolycus says

    At last, a fast(er), lens for the G12+ – and if the G1-x is really a G13, then either this should be the G14, or Canon are leaving that space for when a faster lens is fitted to the G1-x… Confused? The main reason that I won’t be buying a G15 is the lack of articulating screen – which, with any sort of half-decent Viewfinder, allows the user to “Close” the screen when composing with said optical or electronic Viewfinder. This in turn not only improves battery life, but also avoids all those smudges on the LCD from one’s sweaty cheeks…!
    Everything else seems good, so we’ll wait until the G1-x Plus/G2-x/G14 (with an f 1.4 lens perhaps? Now that would be sweeet!), or G16 comes out next year…
    Then we’ll really see if the Canon committee is really listening to their customers…?

  5. Jayelp says

    I own the G12 and sorry, not enough valuable features to warrant an upgrade. Losing the articulating screen is a big loss for me, it was a plus allowing you to accurately frame shots from ground level or up above the crowd. Now you’re stuck with boring eye-level shots or suck it and see photography from different viewpoints. What the G12 needs is a wider angle of view, and a bigger optical zoom range. Check out some of the Panasonic options, amazing and quality images too. Add these points to the next release and Canon will have a winner on their hands.

  6. Milan says

    I will never buy a camera without the articulating screen. As for the rest of the features on the G15, everything’s fine.

  7. Feissal Abdelaziz says

    Exactly like Milan, I will never buy a camera without the articulating screen. Is a really a big loss…