Fuji XF1 Specs and Price Leak Out, RAW Capture Confirmed

Fuji XF1

The Fuji XF1 is the latest in the X-Series lineup and set to be announced later tonight (or early morning).  Most of the details on the new camera, however, have already leaked out via Samy’s Camera (although Samy’s appears to have removed those specs as of now).

The Fuji XF1 will feature a 12MP 2/3-inch CMOS sensor and optical image stabilization on its 4x zoom lens (25-100mm equivalent).  The lens offers a variable aperture of f/1.8-4.9 . . . so, very bright on the wide end.  Other features include full HD video capture and 360-degree panoramic images.

Some great news is that the XF1 will offer RAW capture.  Earlier spec leaks/rumors did not mention RAW capture, which cause some concern among enthusiasts.  So, kudos to Fuji for putting this important feature in this new X-Series shooter.

Finally, the Fuji XF1 will retail for $499, which puts it in the pricy-but-not-completely-unreasonable category for Fuji X-Series fans.

Expect the official announcement soon.

[via Photo Rumors]