Canon C100 Cinema Camera Footage Shown Off in “Just C It!”

Canon C100

The first footage from the Canon EOS C100 cinema camera has been published in the form of a promotional short film, Just C It!, from Sebastien Devaud.

According to Sebastien:

Earlier this year, i was contacted by Canon Inc to create a new exclusive film for the worldwide launch of the new EOS Cinema camera : The EOS C100

Given the difficult task awaiting me, I decided to call upon and challenge the C’brothers to highlight and validate the strenghts of this new technology…

Join the new C generation !

Just C it ! was shot with three C100 bodies and 12 EF lenses. AVCHD compress recorded on SD Card

Check it out below.



  1. Bengt Nyman says

    The form factor is brilliant. The mirrorless viewer is perfect. The price is right. Now make a 48 MP still camera just like it. Consider this my pre-order.