Sony FS700 4K Firmware Update Coming Soon?

Sony FS700

When Sony launched the FS700 cinema camera, it teased that it was capable of shooting 4K footage and that such capabilities would be unlocked via a firmware update at some, undisclosed point in the future.

Well, that time may be upon us.  Speaking with a Sony insider at the recent IFA show, EOSHD reports that Sony is prepping to launch the 4K firmware upgrade for the FS700 within a few weeks.  Noting further:

I was told that by Sony insider (not a sales rep) there are two external recorders already on the market that will work with the camera in 4K mode by Aja and Sony. Sony have no plans to restrict 4K output to their own external recorder(s), and that is the first bit of good news…Encouragingly this 4K firmware update is ‘weeks away’ according to Sony, unless that strategy changes or any unforeseen consequences occur. I asked about pricing and I am told it will be similar to the S-LOG upgrade for the Sony F3 which currently retails for £500 + VAT at CVP in the UK. It is just a firmware update.

Given that the FS700 is an $8000 camera, a reasonable price for the 4K firmware upgrade could deliver a stunning 4K camera at a sub-$10k price point – something that no one has really done yet.  (Notwithstanding the lackluster JVC HMQ10.)

[via NoFilmSchool]