Nikon D800 Sensor Confirmed as “Made by Sony”

Nikon D800

It’s been no secret that Sony is a major supplier of sensors in past Nikon DSLRs.  With the past few generations of DSLRs, however, Nikon has been rather coy about the sourcing of the actual sensors within the cameras.  When asked, Nikon reps usually respond by saying the sensor is “designed by Nikon” and refuse to provide further details on who actually makes the sensor.

It has been long-speculated that the 36MP full frame sensor inside the Nikon D800 is, in fact, manufactured by Sony.  To put the speculation to rest, Chipworks showed off a close-up view of the sensor from a disassembled Nikon D800 that bears Sony product number IMX094AQP, confirming that the heart of the D800 is delivered by Sony.

[Chipworks via SonyAlphaRumors]



  1. Tim L says

    Credit Nikon for outsourcing the aspects of production that another company can do better than they can. Are you listening, Canon?

  2. JOE PRETE says

    Open up a laptop computer and count how many names you find. It’s no big secret, and there are other makers of photographic sensors, as I’m sure we’ll be seeing in the upcoming models.