Capture Camera Clip System Review

Capture Camera Clip System by Peak Design

The Capture Camera Clip System by Peak Design is a unique camera clip that will allow you to clip your camera to any belt or backpack strap.  This system has to be one of the most innovative designs I have seen in awhile. It started out as a Kickstarter project, which quickly gained traction and funding.

My initial thoughts when I finally got my hands on the Capture was this is the coolest thing ever. Not only can I clip it to any belt or strap, but the quick-release plate is an Arca Swiss compatible. That means it will connect into my tripod system without any problems. No switching out quick-release plates.

The Capture easily attaches to your belt or backpack strap (up to 3 inches wide and .5 inches thick) through 2 hand adjustable bolts. If you place this on your belt, you will need to play around with placement. There are some great usage tip videos on Peak Design’s webpage.

Your camera is secure in the chasis and protected from falling out by a lock that can withstand over 150 lbs. of force. One press of the quick release button and your camera is out of the Capture clip and you are ready to shoot.

The Capture clip is amazing in design. In use, I had some issues with it. Some of these issues may go away with more use with the clip.

On (regular) belt:

  • I could never get the clip so that it was comfortable on my belt. Even after watching the videos, it just was not comfortable. (This could relate more to the fact that I need to lose some weight)
  • I shoot with a 7D with battery grip and normally the 70-200mm lens. This combination was just too heavy for the clip.  Removing the battery grip and going down to the 28-135mm got the weight down where it was more comfortable.
  • I could never get the hang of pressing the release with my pinky and pulling the camera out.
On a thick belt (like a ThinkTank Pro Speed Belt) (this was recommended by Peak Design):
  • The clip works great on a belt like this and was more comfortable with the 7D, battery grip, and 70-200mm.
On backpack strap:
  • This was more comfortable than wearing it on my belt.
  • I could use my Canon 7D with battery grip and 70-200mm on the backpack strap.


  • Easy to use.
  • Quick-release plate is Arca-Swiss compatible.
  • Easily portable.


  • On belt, not comfortable with battery grip or larger cameras.
  • With battery grip, unable to release with only 1 hand.
  • The Capture works better without a battery grip. This will allow the camera and lens to hug closer to your body.

I would recommend the Capture clip on a belt to anyone who is using a SLR (without battery grip) or smaller camera.  For a backpack or bag strap, this is an amazing system especially for hikers or those using a messenger style bag.

Personally I can’t see using this system with my primary camera. I love my battery grip way too much (extra shooting and easy portrait orientation). As for my personal shooting, the Capture will be an amazing camera clip to use. I am starting to develop a love for street shooting and this will make it easy to keep my camera with a small lens unobtrusive and unnoticed.

The Capture Camera Clip System by Peak Design is currently available for $79.99 from Photography Bay’s trusted retail partner, B&H Photo, at the following link:

Capture Camera Clip System at B&H Photo

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  1. dzan says


    I’ve just got mine 3 days ago. And Yes, I luv it.

    However, I wish that the QUICK-RELEASE-PLATE is of UNIVERSAL SIZE and SHAPE that would fit onto most Tripod / Ball Heads. It is irritating to fix and unfix the QUICK-RELEASE-PLATE when I need to use the TRIPOD :-(

    Will Peak Design work on such improvement? Please? pretty Please?


  2. Jim says

    If you make one that uses the Manfrotto RC2 quick release I might be interested, but what is the point of yet another quick release plate, I might as well not bother with them if I have to keep changing them for everything I use

  3. says

    They just released a Manfrotto RC2 compatible clip and if you use Arca Swiss heads then they’re already compatible with that. There’s your answer for plugging into a tripod quickly. Check out their website for more updates.