Canon C100 Cinema Camera Unveiled at $8k Price Tag

Canon C100

Canon finally brought its line of cinema cameras into the sub-$10k territory.  Today, Canon announced the C100, a 1080p cinema camera that uses the AVCHD codec and will be offered in EF mount only.  (The Canon C300 and C500 are both available in EF and PL mount options.)

The C100 uses the same form factor of the C300; however, it is about 85% the physical size.  It includes “a push auto iris function, one-shot auto focus (or full manual focus and exposure control), a multi-angle 3.5-inch LCD control panel, a high-resolution electronic viewfinder (EVF), built-in ND filters, dual XLR inputs, and a locking HDMI output. These features combine with such advanced technologies as reduced rolling shutter artifacts in 60i mode, enhanced gamma modes (including Wide Dynamic Range (DR) Gamma and Canon Log Gamma), cinematic depth of field characteristics, and excellent low-light performance. The C100 records to dual SD cards contributing to the camera’s reduced size and convenience.”

The Canon EOS C100 retails for $7,999 and should be avaialable in November 2012.  Check availability here at B&H Photo.



  1. Bengt Nyman says

    Excellent form factor !
    I would not be surprised or disappointed to see this pristine form factor translate into Canons new generation top level FF mirror-less 46 MP DSLE (EVF) still cameras. It would be an excellent mechanical platform for both high end EVF video cameras and high end mirror-less EVF still cameras.
    However, please no more combo cameras at this level:
    Video belongs on Super 35 = 18×24 at a resolution of about 10+ MP.
    Still photo belongs on FF = 24×36 at a resolution of 40+ MP.

    Thanks Canon ! I would buy this new DSLE right now.

  2. G G says

    I hope this makes the video folks happy so Canon can come out with a camera focused on the needs of still photographers for a change.

    • Bengt Nyman says

      I agree.
      Canon and Nikon have used still photographers money to test the market for high resolution consumer video. I hope that is over.
      Compromise combo cameras belong in the low to mid range.
      Enthusiasts and pro deserve the best in both still cameras and video, and the two are NOT one and the same camera.