Profoto Pro Plus Flash Heads Unveiled

Profoto Pro Plus

Profoto has launched the new Pro Plus line of flash heads with feature upgrades to the classic ProHead.

Compatible with over 120 different Profoto Light Shaping Tools and accessories, Pro Head Plus and Pro-B Head Plus have the following four upgrades:

  1. New safety lamp head connector

The new safety lamp head connector is the most visible upgrade. The safety lamp head connector helps prevent dust and moisture from penetrating the generator. Note that the safety lamp head connector is 100% backward compatible.

  1. New improved stand adapter

The stand adaptor has been upgraded with a fixed screw. Unlike the previous version, it cannot be unintentionally screwed off. In addition, the stand adaptor is now equipped with an additional hole, which creates improved mounting options.

  1. New patent pending “Perfect Arc” flashtube

The “Perfect Arc” flashtube has a new design that vastly improves the triggering capabilities on low power settings. This also provides better color and energy stability from flash to flash on all power settings. Note that the new flash tube is compatible with all previous generations of ProHead and Pro-7 Head.

  1. New improved protective glass cover

The glass cover has been made thicker, which makes it even more robust and safe to work with.

ProRing Plus and ProRing 2 Plus have been updated with the new safety lamp head connector.