BlackRapid LensBling Lens Caps Now In Stock

BlackRapid LensBling

BlackRapid’s new LensBling lens caps are now in stock for popular Canon and Nikon mount lenses.  At just $8.50 each, these actually seem like a pretty good deal and a useful tool for those who carry several lenses and make frequent changes.

BlackRapid LensBling

Check them out here at B&H Photo.



  1. rockaw says

    This is the dumbest accessory ever. All my current lenses work with every single rear cap I own. Every pro photographer I know takes the rear cap off the lens in their bag, and immediately puts it on the lens coming off the camera. I can do it with my eyes closed. Or I could spend $100 for a full set of these rear caps for all my lenses, and have to keep track of which cap goes with the correct lens. Dumb. Dumb. Dumb.

  2. Mitch Miller says

    I thought exactly the same thing. What a supremely useless accessory. I could accomplish the same thing with a round white sticker and a Sharpie. But why would I do that ? Why would I want to go through the extra effort of keeping the right cap on the right lens? Long lenses are typically laying on their side in the bag anyway. Why not a front lens caps also, then I could waste even more time trying to match up both ends with the right cap. As if switching lenses isn’t enough of a hassle already.

  3. James Esten says

    I’m guessing that BlackRapid isn’t targeting people like Mitch or rockaw above. Novice enthusiasts, who are legion, will probably fall for these, then ditch them as they become more experienced. I’d be curious to know if any photographer employees of BlackRapid use them.

  4. F64Photo says

    The problem I have, is that as I am changing lenses in the field, I put the rear lens cap from the lens that I am mounting onto the lens that I am putting away. So, the 50mm cap gets put on the 24-120 zoom lens.