Instacube: A Digital Photo Frame for Your Instagram Streams


Instacube is an Android-powered digital photo frame for you Instagram feeds.  It was created by design firm D2M.  Instacube features a 6.5-inch square touchscreen LCD for displaying Instagram images and connects via built-in WiFi.

Instacube launched as a Kickstarter project on August 21, 2012.  As of August 26, the project has received over $280k in pledges, easily surpassing its $250k goal.

Check out the Kickstarter pitch below.

Early backers were able to grab a single Instacube for $99.  The 1000 limited units quickly sold out and now, a single Instacube is available at $149 for everyone else.  Multi-unit packages are still available at discounts, as well as limited edition units.

Since it’s clear that Instacube will easily meet its funding, the photo frame is expected to ship in March 2013.  If demand at retail is anything like it has been on Kickstarter, expect to see these in plenty of stores later in 2013.

Are you a dedicated Instagram user?  What do you think about the Instacube?  Is it worth the going rate to you?