Quikdraw Gets Rid of Bags, Puts Lenses on Your Belt

Quickdraw Lens Holster

Quikdraw is a new Kickstarter project aiming to develop lens holsters that lock your lenses on a belt using the bayonet mount – as opposed to a bag or pouch.

Quikdraw is hoping to launch with units for Canon and Nikon lenses if they can meet their $150,000 fund raising goal.  They’ve raised nearly $60k thus far with funding ending on September 17, 2012.

A belt and a single Quikdraw unit runs $80.  Two units is $170 and three units is $260.  Some limited deals are still available with better prices.

Check out the video below for a walkthrough of the Quikdraw lens management system.

Is Quikdraw something you need? Is the price right?

[thanks Dean]



  1. Mike says

    Innovative product that really solves common problem. I am looking forward to seeing this in production.