Bride Drowns During Photoshoot in Wedding Dress

While posing for a photo shoot in her wedding dress near a river in Montreal, a woman slipped and fell into water about 1-foot deep.  The “wedding dress got soaked and became extremely heavy.  She started slipping and falling down when the photographer grabbed her but she was too heavy that he couldn’t pull her from the edge,” according to Quebec provincial police Sgt. Ronald McInnis.

The weight of the dress pulled her to the bottom of the river, about 20-feet below the surface, and about 100-feet from the edge of the river where she initially fell in.  The police noted that there was not much water and that the current in this particular area was not very strong.

A very sad day for the family of the bride and the photographers involved in this tragedy…  This tragic story serves as a reminder to always exercise extreme caution when photographing subjects in or around water.

[via Daily Mail via FStoppers]



  1. JOE PRETE says

    Where did this crazy idea come from? A dress, that might cost thousands of dollars, I thought was always saved for the Brides Daughter. And the empty headed Photographer, this is what they come up with as portraits documenting the most important day of a woman’s life. How does a Photographer with such morbid ideas get any assignments? What else does this Photographer do, the Groom getting hit by a car? I’m shooting pictures most of my life and I have never heard such a stupid idea, for such an important Photo assignment. And a Bride, should think about donating instead of destroying her gown. There are lousy Photographers out there, but this one takes the cake (or did they Photograph the Cake exploding?) What a bunch of fools, all of them! I hope this is the end of the so called Photographers career

  2. says

    Why blame the photographer? He was hired to do a “trash the dress” photo shoot which is becoming quite common.

    …… Pousoulidis said her friend wanted a way to immortalize her dress, and was excited to take pictures with it in Rawdon on Friday afternoon, as part of a growing trend called trash the dress, in which brides pose for pictures in their wedding dresses, often in unconventional settings like in bodies of water…….

  3. Jean-Yves Durocher says

    If I’ve not live in Rawdon for years, I could not comment. Dorwin falls are highly dangerous, I even refused to take my young son there because of the danger of falling.
    I hope that the photographer, in a Civil Code situation he is responsible, is sued for his last penny.
    Acting responsibly is an obligation, the client is not always right.