Nikon D600: A Cross Between the D800 and D7000

Rumors of the Nikon D600 have really been heating up over the past several weeks in the lead up to Photokina 2012.  We’ve already seen leaked images of the D600.  And rumored specs indicate that the D600 will be a 24MP full frame camera.

The latest lot of size and feature comparisons suggest that the D600 will be more akin to the D7000 in size and ergonomics even though it will borrow feature upgrades from the D800 as the junior full frame DLSR in Nikon’s lineup.

A German print magazine, Fotomagazin, has published a full-on article on what appears to be a recap of most of the expected features for the Nikon D600.  The magazine also put together the nice Photoshop job (seen above) of the D600 in what is probably going to be a close-to-final-form mockup.

Rumored prices have been in the $1500 to $1800 price range, which is a game changer for access to full frame cameras.  Even though you can now get a deeply discounted 5D Mark II for under $1800 refurbished, this is a pretty big deal for an introductory retail price point on a full frame DSLR.

[DPR via Nikon Rumors]



  1. Gary Harris says

    I don’t see anything speacial here, just Full frame which I have no use for and more MP which is an over kill, $1800 is to high for this camera.

  2. ms says

    i m in the market to buy the new camera. D600 will b useless for me. I am using nikon DX equipment. All these will be useless. I heard D400 will b in market in Aug or Sept but I guess not. Does anybody have any idea ?

    • juz says

      why will your dx gear be useless if the d600 has a dx crop mode which is what is rumored so that will bring the mp back to 12mp approx equivelant to the d300/s which is a fantastic dx camera. although this is an entry fx body i believe it would be great paired with the d7000, but at the end of the day it all comes back to your needs, why upgrade to fx if all you have is dx lenes but if, like myself, you have both fx and dx lenes then the upgrade would make more sense so you could take advantage o the best of both worlds. either way i just wish it was here so we all could find out what its really like instead of all this speculation. as for d400, not sure, all ive heard is there will be an upgrade to the d 7xxx line so d400 might not make so much sense with the arival of d600 and d7xxx.

      • MS says

        I m not a pro but gearing towards it. May b u can help me. I m confused between D7000 and D300s. Which one to buy. Heard lots of good things about both of them. They r old model. Nikon might come out with new one very soon. Which one to choose between two of them or should I wait for the new one ? Thanks for your help.

  3. Jorge Robles says

    For me it would be what I need. I have plenty of non-AF glass from Nikon that I still use in my F5 and in a D50 and a Sony A850, and a few AF lenses that are AF but not G-lenses(no built-in motors, and with aperture ring). If this camera happens to miss that screw connector for the autofocus in my lenses then I would not buy it because I would lose AF and will not have IS neither, so I would stick to the Sony that have IS for ANY lens you put on it and the image is FANTASTIC!!!, or may be will try a used d700. I only want something to shoot where I can use my glass that have been with me since my F2!

  4. says

    Dear sir,i have ordered 2 d700 digital camera bodyies, and acceries. in june 2but i got only accerirs without bodies please give my d700 body

  5. Mahonri says

    How about a solid MECHANICAL mirror lock up feature and a threaded cable release?

    A view that is as bright and easy to focus as the F3.

    A built in intervalometer.