Olympic Photographer Lens Cap Fail

How many of you have ever left your lens cap on the camera and missed an important shot?  (I’m guilty.)

The photographer in the above video had the misfortune of making that mistake in front of TV cameras for the whole world to see.  I hope he still got a keeper or two after he figured out the malfunction.

[via Fstoppers]



  1. Granville says

    Would love to have seen the video-but in the UK it is blocked by the Olympic authorities because “it breaches copyright” !

  2. leez says

    It is on you tube,I fell about laughing.He does not even look at the lens to see if the cap is still on!

  3. Bob says

    I feel worse for him that he is stuck at that location. Embarrassing that he got busted, but I don’t think that would be a money shot.

  4. Todd says

    Well everyone has a moment where they make a silly mistake like that. Too bad this guys had his moment in front of the world. Hopefully He is able to laugh about it after the fact. Also thanks Kevin for the link to a working copy of the video.