More Canon Low-End Full Frame DSLR Rumors

Canon Full Frame 7D Mark II Rumors

Northlight Images has received some new information concerning a cheaper full frame Canon DSLR. Rumors suggest either an 18MP sensor or a 22MP sensor, which leads to further speculation of a repurposed Canon 1D X or Canon 5D Mark III sensor, respectively.

Additional specs make the new model look a lot more like a full frame iteration of the Canon 7D, as opposed to the 5D Mark III.  A smaller overall body design with a built-in flash would make it more of a prosumer design.

Other rumored features are as follows:

  • 7D style AF system (19 pt) and VF LCD
  • 7D metering
  • Single Digic 5+
  • 3.9 fps
  • 3 inch LCD
  • 51200 max ISO
  • sub – $2000 price point at introduction

This camera has previously been rumored to be called a Canon 6D or a Canon 7D Mark II, the latter of which would leave the rumored Canon 70D as the flagship APS-C model once the current Canon 7D’s lifespan expires.

Keep looking forward to more news and rumors as we approach Photokina 2012.



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    the quality of what writers call “prosumer” has gotten to an amazing level. Granted, the everyday employed pro sports photographer still needs the Mark IV but for everyone else these high end sub $2000 cameras are more than enough. I own the Canon EOS 1D Mark II and the 7D. The 7D, once my backup has become my primary sports camera body and with the price difference between the high end “prosumer” models and the professional 1D models so dramatic, I will be more than happy with the $2000 bodies. While my concentration these days is more on youth sports than it is pro sports i still use the 7D quite successfully for all major pro sports. Personally, I am looking forward to the follow up to the 7D as well as what appears to be the new full frame “prosumer” body. Those two will do everything I need and more and having both will still cost less than one 1D body.

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    As Jim Wrote, it is so true that the quality of prosumer camera is getting better an better. we tend to forget that just 5 years ago we were amazed with a 10 mp camera.
    the question is knowing that you “must” change camera every 2 to 4 years how much are you willing to pay…
    I have the 5dmkII I am looking to buy the 5DmkIII, ya an under $2000 looks very interesting instead of the $4000 5dmkIII maybe I can try, I still have my 5DmkII the question is which one will be the back up…

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      I am going into year four with my 7D, just sent it into CPS for checkup and repair of hotshoe and its back working as well as it did the first day I had it. 2-4 years is not an accurate life expectancy for the 7D. It all comes down to how much you use it and how you care for it. I can easily see going ANOTHER 2-4 years with my 7D body before I have to even consider buying a new body. Canon camera bodies, including prosumer models are like Toyota’s… with proper care and maintenance, they’ll go forever. I also own a Toyota!