Canon EOS M & Accessories Available for Pre-Order

The new Canon EOS M will be available in October for $799.99 with a 22mm f/2 kit lens.  The EOS M and several accessories are available for pre-order now via the links below.

Canon EOS M Kit w/ EF-M 22mm lens

Canon EF-M 18-55mm IS lens

Canon EF-EOS M lens mount adapter

Canon Speedlite 90EX flash

Canon LP-E12 batter for EOS M



  1. Ken says

    I know many Diehard will poo poo any mirrorless camera as a toy. However they are wrong. The mobile phone will ultimatly take over from the point and shoot camera and the cameras we call prosumer or travel cameras will become the new entry level so the mirrorless 4/3 will be the will then be the camera inbetween the phone camera and prosumer cgroup and the DSLRs
    For a first time entry canon almost came up with a giant killer that had the potential to blow the compitition away BUT without a viewfinder it misses the mark. Olympus and Panasonic even Nickon realised this and have versions with a viewfinder, canon MUST correct this error befor the camera is released
    This area has the potential to sell thousands of cameras for each manufacturer, but not without a viewfinder. Provide that and I’ll buy two tomorrow one as my back up to my 5D and one for my wife who finds her 60D too heavy