FilmImpact.Net’s Transition Pack 1 for Premiere Pro Released

by on July 17, 2012

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FilmImpact Transition Pack 1

FilmImpact.Net just released its new Transition Pack 1 for Premiere Pro.  The new transition pack contains 10 transitions for CS5.5 and CS6.  Transition Pack 1 is available for $19.99.  The transitions include the following:

Impact Flash / Impact Roll / Impact Push
Impact Blur to Color / Impact Burn Alpha
Impact Burn White / Impact Blur Dissolve
Impact Stretch / Impact Copy Machine
Impact Chaos

In addition to the new transitions, there are also several fixes in place:

* Overall improved awareness of clip opacity
* Fix: Impact Flash – White values cannot exceed white maximum.
* Fix: correct blur ratios with interlaced material.
* Fix: communication with the windows color picker.

You can find it here on FilmImpact.Net’s website.

I use the heck out of the “Impact Flash” transition.  It’s a great looking transition that works well in a lot of different video styles.  You can see a demo video on Film Impact’s site to see what all the transitions look like.



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