Canon Full Frame Camera at Sub-$2K Coming…?

Canon 5D

Canon Rumors has more word an upcoming full frame, “entry-level” Canon DSLR priced at $1999.  With the Canon 5D Mark III priced at $3500 for the body only, it is out of reach of a lot of enthusiast photographers.

Check out the rumored specs of the upcoming full frame shooter:

  • 22mp (Same sensor as 5D3)
  • 19 AF Points
  • 4fps
  • ISO 100-51200
  • 3″ LCD
  • Smaller than the 5D Mark II
  • More Plastic than metal in the construction
  • Pop-Up Flash (On at least one prototype)
  • $1999 USD at launch
  • Launched with a new non-L full frame kit lens (Undisclosed what the lens is)
  • Compatible with full frame STM lenses

Would you choose a camera with these specs and price point over the 5D Mark III?  Would this camera be enough to make 5D Mark II shooters want to “upgrade”?



  1. Jim Francis says

    I’d be interested in a camera like this at this price point. It would allow me entry into full-frame photography, a move I can’t afford to make at current pricing. It will be interesting to see what “kit lens” Canon offers with this body.

  2. Matt says

    I’ve been wanting this for a long time. I’m not a fan of the 9pt af on the 5d2 (Currently have the same in the 50D) and I can’t afford the 5d3. I think the 7d’s 19pts are adequate for most. I’ve been thinking of buying a used 1ds2 to have more af points and a full frame since you can find them under $2k now. SO a $2k full frame with 7d’s points would be awesome.
    I also don’t think many will be worried about the kit lens. If you’re moving up to full frame you would already have glass. I bought L lenses instead of the full frame so I already have 2. Buying the $2k full frame allows me to pick up my 3rd L glass for the same price as the 5d3.

    • says

      I would love to have a reasonably priced full frame Canon. I already have the 7D, and I love it, but I the improved low light performance and full-frame capabilities would make this a very desirable camera if it were priced less than $2000.
      It would be a smart business strategy for Canon to pursue.

  3. says

    This ist the 5D MK III that I was looking for :-)
    Better AF than the 5D MK II, better Lowlight Sub 2000$.
    Pefekt! It think it could be a great 5D MK II replacement.

  4. Alex B says

    This would be a great model for Canon to add to their lineup. I’d seriously look at picking one up.

  5. bob johnson says


  6. Mike NH says

    Nice idea, Except for those of us with large hands and arthritis it would be just as well to leave the camera body the same full body size, and overly use Plastic. I have a 50 D camera three years old. It was dropped twice. Once by me, slid off my shoulder. And 2 weeks ago by a lady friend I asked to hold it while I was playing golf. It hit the ground so hard, the shutter release would not work. All I did was turn off the camera and turn it back on again. That reset it. No other damage other than a nick. IF you made a Plastic Camera Body, for the New Full Frame
    Camera, And it was Dropped from 2 – 3 feet from the ground. You would end up with an expensive paper weight. Too Many Cameras are All Plastic. It is Not that much more expensive to build a Quality Camera, using a metal shell and frame, Clad in rubber coated plastic external case. They Can Still Make and Sell the Camera for Under $ 2,000. I bought my 50 D below normal retail in the Net from Walmart. There was Nothing wrong with it. Not a Repack and Not a Refurb. However, If you bought a Refurb you would get a better deal and it would be covered under a warranty. Camera Companies Need to STOP Gouging the Public with Excessively High Prices for Bodies and Lens… They can still make a profit and Cut the High Prices Down. After all we are living in a Recession. Let them Make their Profit margin by Selling More Cameras for Less Original MSRP to a more Reasonable and Realistic Price Range. Otherwise, they are shutting out customers who want the next level up from a basic beginner level camera.

  7. Bob says

    5D Mar III is better II,for more points and less weight RAW file compare with Nikon D800.
    Noise compare II and III like ISO 100 and 400. But it is really progress per 3 years for price 3500?

  8. Johnny says

    Everybody’s mentioning about the huge price of the mark 111… I am from Europe. When the 5d mark 111 first hit the market, it was announced from somewhere between EURO 3500-3600. Now after few months the price came down to EURO 2900. It is now almost even with the nikon’s d800. Well, I think that the price is still too high for the few upgrades that canon made.

  9. leo says

    I am very very happy with my 5D mark II, for sports I use my very old 1D mark II or/and my 40D. The 5D mark II maybe not the fastest camera around, but I never had any problems with the autofocus.
    The fact that a new camera arrives does not makes me less happier with the one I own.

    The fact that you now maybe have more chooses for Full frame cameras is good, I love full frame. Very good thinking of Canon. But I do not like to buy a camera together with a lens.

  10. says

    I have the 5D II and I was looking forward for the 5d III… but it is very expensive… we will have to see the performance of this new one compare to the 5D III is it $2000 less performance? size they should not change the size.. I guess they don’t want the 5D III buyer to turn to this new one…
    but it is most definitely a body I would consider… but the 5D III is soooo tempting even at this price

  11. says

    I love my 7D as it does well with bird photography. However, I never use its video function. So it’s a waste of money. I have been looking for a full-frame camera without the video function. I’d hope that Canon will drop any video component of the new full-frame camera in exchange for a standard-size metal body so as to keep the price affordable.

  12. Karsten says

    I had a 50D. Really liked it a lot, although it didn’t see too much service. Tried to use it one day, and it was DEAD! Sent it to CANON repair. Had to replace the circuit board ….. $275.
    Also have a 5D II. Really like it a lot, but NEVER have used the video. That’s why I liked the 50D … NO video!
    The 7D is quirky to me. WHY did CANON move the ON-OFF switch from where it has been since the 10D? Who knows.
    Probably would NOT be interested in the 5D Mk IV though, especially IF only sold with a kit lens. Don’t own any cheap CANON glass.

  13. leo says

    Richard wrote “anything over $2,000.00 for a camers is totally nuts”.

    In a way you are right, but if you need the camera as a tool to do your work or you have the money and love nice camera’s, why not? A car over $10.000 for me is nuts, but I am not a taxi driver or have a family with 5 kids.

    A camera over $2,000.00 is especially nuts when you are a serious amateur, also love the hardware and buy each new update. I was not waiting for a new full frame camera and there maybe lots of people still using the 5D mark I. ( over $3000 when it came out) Still a very nice camera.

    I do not use video, but I think a camera without that possibility would sell less and be more expensive.

    In my view the digital development is not that fast any more. Not in a way that you have to buy a new camera every three years. It is nice to have lots of chose and when Canon gives that with a cheaper full frame camera you can only be happy with that. Full frame is what I want and who knows, after 4 years from now, when my 5D mark II is seven years old, I buy the mark III for the half of the price.
    If you are not a sport photographer and in the market for a new camera, buy the 5D mark II, much much less then $2000 now.

  14. says

    i’d get it ONLY if the sensor was the exact same as the 5Dmarkiii since i do night photography and the markiii light sensitivity and full frame resolution are the reasons for upgrading to a full frame.

    if the sensor is not exactly as good, which i doubt it will be for marketing reasons, plus the lower price point, i would have saved and waited for the markiii…however, i now have the funds and am likely going to get it prior to the new offering being announced, so sure am i the chips will have some differences….love to hear from anyone who thinks the sensor/chip specs may be the same.