Why Do We Hate Seeing Photos of Ourselves?

Photographer Duncan Davidson has a theory on why we always cringe at photos of ourselves.  In the above TED audition video, he explains his theory of how it comes down to our perception based on how we are accustomed to seeing ourselves.

[via PetaPixel]



  1. Bob W. says

    I learned many years ago that the way to please a very ‘vain’ subject is to print their photos reversed whenever it was possible to do so without detection. i think my dad taught me that one!

    Best regards,

  2. Cdavid says

    Personally Duncan, I don’t like seeing the 50 yr. old person I see in the mirror now-a-days. In my minds’ eye I still remember “past views” and undoubtedly past years. Your post made me think that maybe I ought to lighten-up. Thank-you for the reality check.