1. says

    Ive had my battery grip for the Mark III for about two weeks or so now. Really like it. Typical battery grip advantages and disadvantages but I thought the design change from the Mark II was interesting. The battery compartment now looks the same as on the 1D series of cameras.

    • says

      I actually picked it up from Kaimuki Camera here on Oahu. There was a waiting list involved just as there was with the Mark Iii.

  2. Randy says

    Please enlighten me. Why should I get a battery grip and add so weight to an already heavy camera? I have two batteries that last a very long time and can give me about 300-400 shots each when fully charged.
    Curious in NY.

  3. says

    My sessions often will run 500 or more frames and the camera will be on most of the day. With chimping and all I could use the extra power. But the more important feature to me is I want the portrait controls in the same place aand I am used to holding the camera with a hand strap. The strap I prefer only goes on the 1 series bodies. That battery grip willprovide the extra controls and the ability to use the hand strap.

  4. Stephan Peters says

    I’ve got mine for a week and a half now, got itfrom B&H. Actually expected to get it by the end of April, so I got it very late. Had my 5D M III by march 14th.