iPhone 5 Camera Rumored to Include Faster Lens and 8MP Sensor

Industry analysts love to analyze all that Apple does since it seems to get so many things right from a consumer perspective.  One thing that Apple definitely got right in the iPhone 4S was the camera, which is arguably the best integration of a camera in a phone to date.

As more and more info is rumored and analyzed throughout the iPhone 5’s supply chain, it will be most interesting to see how the iPhone 5’s camera stacks up against the iPhone 4S.  A recent quote from an analyst pegs the iPhone 5 to include an 8MP Sony image sensor (same as the iPhone 4S) and bumping the lens speed to an f/2.2 aperture (versus f/2.4 in the iPhone 4S).

iPhone 5 Camera Specs

Given how well the iPhone 4S performs, I don’t think anyone can blame Apple for sticking to its guns on the 8MP sensor, but we can always use faster optics.  And, even though the lens is speculated to be a “reduced thickness”, an f/2.2 aperture should certainly be a welcomed improvement to the already solid images that the iPhone is capable of producing.

Additional speculation pegs the front camera to be HD resolution courtesy of an OmniVision sensor, which is also found in the iPhone 4/4S – albeit at VGA resolution.

I think my EVO is going to get bumped aside for the iPhone 5 when it hits…

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