Canon 7D Firmware Update Will Provide Better Max RAW Burst, Manual Audio Levels and Lots More

Canon 7D

The Canon 7D will be getting a new firmware upgrade soon according to news posted on the CPN website and nabbed by Canon Rumors before it was removed.

There are lots of improvements on the still image capture side, including bumping the max RAW burst to 26 images (up from 15 consecutive images).  That’s a pretty big bump in write speed, so I’m curious to know what Canon’s doing with the 7D since it received an upgrade for UDMA Mode 7 CF card support last year.

One biggie for all the HDSLR shooters out there is the addition of manual audio level controls.  It seems a little late in the 7D’s game to add this and all the other goodies to the camera, given that it is almost 3 years old (it was announced on September 1, 2009).  So maybe Canon is pushing for a final surge in 7D sales before the camera is replaced, or maybe Canon is looking to extend the life of the camera well beyond the typical 3-year mark for pro-level cameras?

Other additions include:

  • In-Camera RAW Conversion
  • Image Rating Capabilities
  • Auto ISO Maximum Setting
  • JPEG Resizing
  • Support for the new GP-E2 GPS Unit
  • Quick Control During Playback
  • File Name Setting
  • Time Zone Setting
  • Fast Scrolling of Magnified Images


  1. Alex B says

    Cant wait for this firmware to be released. The RAW burst will be amazing for motorsports shooting.

  2. LOADWICK says

    I would really like the movie ‘crop’ option thats on the cheaper cameras, i know the quality will suffer but the option would be nice.

  3. vitamins says

    Well no matter what you do, you cant change its noise performance. The 7D is the best APS-C in the world, but it doesnt perform good at high ISOs

  4. says

    Ummm… so what about additional brackets for doing HDR?

    I don’t get it… the camera can handle 9+ images quickly… the firmware code would be really easy to write to handle additional brackets, I can’t see how there would be any problems making this happen. What gives?

  5. LOADWICK says


    I haven’t found that to be too much of a problem, using EV -3, 0, +3 there is easily enough DR range within these images to so you don’t need all the other images inbetween.


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