1. axel says

    Does Canon actually think before they design their dopey looking camera’s, the length is too long and the height is too short and the curves are just down-right wrong; why their midrange DSLR always get the short end of the stick in the looks department is beyond me. The designers need a boot up the ass, why should we cop this junk.
    Admittedly the specs are beyond belief for a midrange, and extremely tempting; i;ve always been a Pentax user, so have only ever bought Pentax DSLR’s, and refused Canon cameras because most of their reputation is hyperbole, plus they use that reputation to always charge more, when really there has not been anything special about midrange Canon DSLR’s ever. The Pentax DSLR’s have always been phenomenal value for money and always gave more for less with the same and even sometimes better quality than canon, but there latest DSLR (The KR replacement is a balls-up, total cock-up, the messed it up) well they better get up, because i’m not getting up, so why should anyone get up just to go “down” and buy that latest Pentax K30 offering, which has appalling video performance and associated features, plus a standard lens which is way overdue for replacement and noisy as all hell (no good for video work); but this 650D has the exact spec i’ve been waiting for in a midrange camera, and although i hate Canon and their pretentious stuck-up conceit and over-pricing antics, this time i have to relent based purely on spec, but definitely not on looks, seeing as the 650D appears to be “through-the-roof” and “off-the-richter scale” in terms of features.
    I hate the Apple company for the same reason i hate Canon, but if the price and features are right, then stubbornness is a poor substitute for intelligence and then i will definitely “Get -up”.
    That is of course if Nikon doesn’t come along with a 100 megaton nuclear tipped laser guided proton bunker busting daisy-cutter called a beefed-up black-belt D5200, which i dare say will be an absolute beast in the specs department, and features department, and looks department, and performance department, and the department store, and smart-alek department, and big-shot department, and the oh so lovely compartment.
    check check checking out, OVER! Come in ! OVER! Please Come in! This is Pentax adulterer calling Nikon! OVER! Are you there? chsssssss…

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