Olympus LS-100 Firmware Update to Fix Delay Problem

Olympus LS100

Back in March, I published a comparison of the Olympus LS-100, Zoom H4n and Tascam DR-100 Mk II portable XLR audio recorders.  In the review, I noted that the LS-100 had the best overall audio quality when using the XLR inputs combined with an external shotgun mic like the Rode NTG-3.

One of the complaints about the LS-100 noted in the comment section was that there is a 0.2-second delay when monitoring the recording via the headphone jack.  This is a flaw that I missed since I’m not tracking anything with it and just used the monitor to get levels before rolling video; however, it’s a very critical flaw for some uses.

Olympus Audio posted in the comment thread that a fix for this delay problem is in the works and should be available via a firmware update in July.

…the following areas will be addressed:

1) A customer review pointed out that, when in input monitor mode, there was an approximate .2 second delay in the signal from the mic to your headphones which could make recording difficult. This issue will be resolved in the update.

2) An aliasing issue which created unwanted noise when using the LS-100 as a direct recording mic will be addressed.

3) There will be a fix for the incorrect display for remaining recording time.

4) Voice guidance for folders A-E will be made available with this release.

Thanks for dropping by Olympus and letting us know that this problem is being corrected.

[via Olympus Audio Blog]