Canon 70D and 3D Rumors

Canon 70D

A Japanese magazine has published info about a possible Canon 70D and Canon 3D in the works.  Purportedly, this magazine (CAPA) has been reliable with such rumors in the past.

Rumored specs for the Canon 70D

  • 22MP and DIGIC5+
  • 19-point AF
  • 6 FPS

Rumored specs for the Canon 3D

  • 30+ megapixels, 1D-class body
  • Dual Digic5+ processors for 6 FPS
  • 61-point AF system, major functions same as 1DX
  • Equipped with flash (or speedlite transmitter)
  • Vari-angle display
  • Magnesium body
  • Photo/Video live view modes
  • AFMA

[via Canon Rumors and Canon Watch]



  1. Anne says

    That image was photoshopped, adding a zero between the 7 and the D. In every other place that the camera is mentioned, it says “7D.”

  2. Ed Lark says

    Well let’s see if the 3D really does come to be. I am eager for Canon to come out with a camera comparable to the Nikon D800. I am wicked close to changing over to Nikon. I hope it comes out before my Feb. ’13 trip to Iceland!

  3. Ronnie says

    If the new APS-C flagship will be 70D and only have 6 fps no Hybrid AF and Live View and not at least same specs. as the 7D Canon can go to h*** and I will convert to Nikon.