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    Wow… The 24/2.8 for $850 and the 28/2.8 for $800!? Really? I’d much rather have the older 28/1.8 and have the ability to shoot at f/2 (or f/1.8 in a pinch). Does one really need IS on a wide angle lens? I guess for video, it’s helpful to reduce camera shake, but I certainly hope Canon isn’t dismissing the 28/1.8 from their current lineup to make room for this slower, significantly more expensive lens.

    Seems they’re catering more and more to the video crowd and less to the still photographers.

    Canon has lost their minds. I’m interested to see the pre-order numbers on these grossly overpriced lenses…

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    It is always interesting to see where in the lineup new lenses come up. I am unsure that I understand the need for 24mm and a 28 mm additions. Meanwhile we can’t seem to get a stabilized 24-70MM lens.Since I tend to shoot in dimly lit nightclubs, the Holy Grail for me would be camera and lens combinations that would enable me to shoot with low noise at ISO6400.

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      I agree completely with your points about where camera companies choose to introduce new lenses. I’d much rather see an update to the 50 f/1.4 or the 35 f/2. The 24-70 would benefit greatly from IS, as would the 85 f/1.8.

      I think Canon did the 24 and 28 because on crop sensor cameras (7D, 60D) they are more “normal” focal lengths. Canon already had a 24 f/2.8, 24 f/1.4, 28 f/2.8 and 28 f/1.8. The last thing they needed were these two.

      Give us a newly designed 50 f/1.4 with tighter controls and no extension during focusing. Also, tweak the 35mm f/2 to have USM. I have the 35 f/1.4, but would welcome a newly designed 35 f/2 as it would be significantly smaller and lighter.