Zacuto Z-Finder Frame for Canon 5D3 and Nikon D800

Zacuto Z-Finder Frame

Zacuto now has a new Z-Finder frame that works with the Canon 5D Mark III and Nikon D800. ┬áThe new frame is compatible with all current Z-Finders, so the new cameras won’t require an entirely new finder.

The new Z-Finder frame retails for $60 and is available at the Zacuto Store and B&H Photo.



  1. Roelof van Heerden says

    Hallo there
    I received my Zacuto this week. Had to get the extention adapter with it because I have the battery pack at the bottom. One problem with this is that the viewfinder does not fit tight to the monitor at the back of the Camera, so light from the outside comes at the gap, I made a plan to cover it. It works very nice, for the first time I can focus wearing my glases at the same time. The 7D becomes very heavy now, with the Zeiss Distagon 1.4; 35mm and the vewfinder on the camera!