Canon Rebel T4i/650D Rumored Specs

Canon Rumors believes they have solid word on the short spec list for the upcoming Canon Rebel T4i set to replace the T3i.

  • 18MP Sensor
  • 9 AF Points, all cross-type
  • Touchscreen LCD
  • Continuous AF in LiveView & Video Recording
  • June Announcement

If these are for real, this could be the third generation of the same 18MP sensor in the Rebel line-up.  However, Canon Rumors notes that they don’t know if the 18MP will, in fact, be the same one used in the T2i and T3i.

While the touchscreen LCD is an appropriate feature for a Canon Rebel model and the 9 cross-type AF points are enticing, the continuous AF in video recording is the one feature that makes me raise an eyebrow in this spec list.  To date, Canon has whiffed on live view contrast-detect AF systems in their DSLRs.  It has simply been a joke on every DSLR that featured contrast AF.  Hopefully, if this spec is for real, maybe Canon has gotten over that hump and will offer something as functional and useful as what Sony is doing on its NEX line of cameras.

Based on this initial rumored spec list, a functional continuous AF system for video capture is the one thing that could make the Rebel T4i camera a must-have over the Rebel T3i that it replaces.



  1. JoeD says

    I left out a few things earlier. I basically want a MF camera in a DSLR package. Instead of having to spend $15K and up for a digital back for a MF camera that is mostly manually operated, like a Pentax or a Hasselblad, I want a FF DSLR that can use my EF lenses for still photos only with auto exposure if I choose to use it. I’m going to manually focus it, but like to set WB and ISO and most of the other functions on a DSLR The lack of video should pay for the larger sensor IMHO.